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An ideas based company that will analyse a clients end goal, plan a creative solution and then make it happen


Experienced in the graphic design of printed promotional materials, we produce unique, cutting edge design solutions for a range of clients.


Depicting your company’s marketing message with engaging, intelligent graphic design for the growth of a successful brand.


Simplicity in design and function should be paramount. Your web presence should be clear, to the point and above all, usable.


We specialise in GIS and final display mapping for the graphical representation of digital data


Here are just some of the things we can make happen for you:

enhance your brand

design your logo

produce an Annual Report

develop your web site

specialise in all print media

create a brochure

package a product

compile a catalogue

map your latest project

prepare a presentation

design a display poster

knock up an advertisement

In short, we offer a total design solution for all your needs. By having the right expertise and latest technology we can provide this range of services without blowing your budget or compromising on quality.

Business today demands customer service and deserves no less. At Lochgraphics we can deliver your product with maximum efficiency and a minimum of fuss.

Our Process


Define client goals of the project
Suggest a format or framework that will suit
Discuss a time line and budget how to move forward


Ideas and how to make them a reality
Mark out a clear strategy that will achieve the defined goals
Brainstorm concepts and sketch out ideas


Generate potential concept, styles and themes using intelligent design
Build, construct and develop a draft product with client consultation
Produce a final mock presentation to client for comment


This is where we cross the t’s and dot the i’s, iron out any bugs and
Refine the product to clients satisfaction


Deploy a website, create the final printer proofs for printing …
supply the finished product whatever the genre.

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